OT301 - Calling for a new external board member

The collective of OT301 are searching for someone from outside the project to join the board. This person would be interested in giving some voluntary time and an outside eye to support our artist/activist project and preferably have a background in the (sub) cultural, activist and/or squatting scene in Amsterdam. Experience with facilitating in non-hierarchical groups would be a plus.

The board meets once in two months with a break in the summer and tasks are divided between us. Both the collective and the board are non-hierarchical. The role of the board is to have an overview of all issues affecting the project and prepare the presentation of these for the members meetings, where decisions are reached by the members democratically. In this way the board sits within the collective as a working group rather than above it, and does not have the power to make decisions, but facilitates in order for the rest of the collective to do so.

Our new board member would need to be able to commit to attending monthly board meetings, some members meetings and taking on some tasks. This is unpaid, but means having a unique role as part of an autonomous, creative collective which is both a long established Amsterdam landmark and a constant work in progress.

We are aware that we are not as diverse and inclusive as we would like to be and are actively working on this. We especially welcome interest from sections of the diverse community who tend to be underrepresented as board members.

If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you! If you’re interested or have questions, please email: ehbk@ot301.nl