On this page you’ll find different series of pictures and videos that were taken at the OT301. Pictures/videos from our past, our members, shows that have happened in the OT301 and so on. If you have you taken great pictures/videos at the OT301 yourself that you want to share with us then please send them to pr(at)

OT301, captured in
photos and videos

Progress Bar

Progress Bar - November and December 2019.
Pictures taken by George Knegtel.


Ichione Drum & Bass events, organised between 2011-2014.
Pictures taken by Rene Gesink.

OT301 Open Day (2011)

Pictures taken by Roel Determeijer

De Peper (2013)

Our vegan culture kitchen.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Freakatone performance "Let's talk about socks"

Summercourse Improvisation with Katie Duck.
Video made by: Isis Marks

Wonderland (2013)

Wonderland is a music/dance/performance event for childeren (and parents).
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Otopia festival (2012)

In the second year of project ‘De Overhaal’ we organized the Otopia festival through the full building.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Jeff Mills

Short clip of Jeff Mills' 6 hour performance at Dekmantel's ADE night..
Video made by: Dekmantel

OT301 - Ping Pong bar

Every Tuesday night from 21:00-00:30 hrs. Ping Pong in the Studios.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Svetlin Velchev Chronologue

Performance at 4bid Gallery
Video made by: N. Pen

No Age concert (2011)

Concert by the band No Age at Subbacultcha event.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Nobody Beats The Drum - live (2013)

Live audio visuel show by Amsterdam based act Nobody Beats The Drum.
Pictures taken by: Roel Determeijer

Bob Log III

Bob Log III is an American slide guitar one-man band.
Video made by: MegaStormX

The Ex - Four Billion Tulip Bulbs

Live at OT301, Amsterdam on 19 June, 2014.
Video made by: improvDOThu

Dance me , I'm a gallery

Audio/video evening by Marika and Nikos at 4Bid gallery.
Video made by: Michiel Schatborn

VoltageSpa (2019)

Performance of VoltageSpa at Highs&Lows #30, 4bid Gallery.
Video made by: Iskrabela

Asielzoekers aangekomen bij OT301

Video made by: AT5

Jam With Humans Fest 2017

Concert of Jam With Humans Fest 2017 at De Peper.
Video made by: Jam With Humans

Urban Art Festival Amsterdam

Street Art Anarchy went to the Amsterdam Urban Art Festival on May 30th 2014 to catch a quick peek at the Dutch urban art scene.
Video made by: Parizshow

Movement academy

Short video from the Movement Academy at the OT301.
Video made by: Barbara Bonardo