Tuesday 29 November
Anamorphic studio // 20:00
Contact Improvisation
Style/type: Dance Class
Instructor: Kees Lemmens

In Contact Improvisation (CI) physical contact creates possibilities for wonderful dancing. CI Dancers roll and tumble over each other in duets or in groups. The touch is an opportunity for understanding and for support. This gives the dance its enormous potential for subtlety and for 3-dimensionality. In good timing and interaction, also with gravity and momentum, we can carry each other with ease.

Contact Improvisation is a beautiful way of relating, which asks and builds our intelligent response to all the forces and energies at play. Regular practice will attune the awareness of the body by solo exercises and partner-work. It can foster a physical sense of connection to yourself and your surrounding, as one and another meet in the dance.

times: 15 Tuesday-evenings 20.00-22.00
from Sept.6 to Dec.20 (break on Nov.1)
place: Anamorphic Studio in OT301, Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
cost: €15 per class or less if you sign up for the whole course
+You can e-mail me if you are experienced in CI and interested in separate classes.

information/registration: kees.lemmens@live.nl
About Kees Lemmens:

As a dancer I am very inspired by other fields of knowledge as I have worked in architecture and fine arts too, and I am even more inspired by people.
Giving and taking Contact Improvisation (CI) is for me a way of learning together. It’s lovely to me how much CI is still teaching me about myself, the body, other people, the world.
I studied with very many international teachers, including some of the founders of Contact Improvisation. And since 2009 I give CI courses, and workshops in The Netherlands and abroad.
Some more about this course:

In this Tuesday Amsterdam CI-course we consider the basic physical propositions of Contact Improvisation. We will also occasionally touch upon applicable specificities, as well as work on specific CI-techniques for lifts and other situations in which the general principles operating in Contact Improvisation are most clear to the body. In my experience this bodily understanding helps improvise freely in any situation we may encounter in CI.

As such this course may be very good if you are new to Contact Improvisation. The classes are however also intended for dancers with any level of experience who are interested in further developing their CI-dancing by practicing with us on a regular basis. As a beginner you will probably learn very much from dancing with the experienced CI-dancers who take part, as well as vice-versa. This Amsterdam initiative on Tuesdays is, as a whole, even specifically geared toward a helpful exchange between experienced and beginner CI-dancers.