Saturday 20 January
Studios // 22:00 // € 10
Soul Feeder
Genre: Experimental, Club
Line up: gmaail, Beatrix Weapons (live), Himera, t0ni, DJ GHEPARD
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €12 at the door

Curated by gmaail, DJ GHEPARD and t0ni, Soul Feeder is a label and collective based in Berlin. In the past two-years they have been touring all-over Europe, gaining widespread recognition in the underground scene.  For their first time in Amsterdam they have prepared an eclectic line-up, featuring emotional live-performances by Beatrix Weapons and earth-shattering DJ sets by their residents.

Soul Feeder is an online platform, label and collective, founded in 2016 with the goal of empowering artists by connecting the diverse sounds, expressions and identities that inhabit the electronic underground landscape of the post-internet era. Its effort saw the creation of a webzine and a vibrant online community interacting with each other by linking fans and artists.
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gmaail is an Italian dj and co-founder of the label and collective Soul Feeder, known for his eclectic mixes that semlessly blends a diverse range of EDM-influenced genres, melodic ambient, brostep, nightcore and dariacore. His kaleidoscopic mixes offer a unique and unpredictable musical experience. With an extensive collection of bangers, gmaail keeps his audience on their toes, never knowing what he will play next in his electrifying sets.
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Beatrix Weapons
Beatrix Weapons is one of the most effervescent promises of the avant-garde electronic scene in Spain. Her discourse is presented in the form of melancholic melodies, agitated BPMs and sharp rhythms with the purpose of constructing ascen- ding textures through her sets. A project that discusses sonic concepts in the ca- bin based on the construction of a post-IDM, glitch, industrial, experimental urban, break sound, among others. A disruptive proposal that seeks a celestial vision through the distortion of luminosity.
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t0ni is an Italo-Australian electronic music producer and DJ, founder and artistic director of label, online magazine and art-collective Soul Feeder. His work as a producer conveys raw emotions through straightforward melodies and loops reduced to the bone in search of a never truly identifiable minimalistic balance. t0ni has gained recognition in the experimental electronic music community thanks to his unique sound, eclectic DJ sets and live performances.
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DJ GHEPARD is a Berlin-based producer and DJ, who runs and curates the label and collective Soul Feeder. By blending the fast tempos of hardcore electronic music, EDM, and nightcore with video-game-inspired sound design, he brings forth a sonic experience that intersects soundscape, OST, and club music, delving into the rela- tionship between virtual personas and non-conforming identities. 
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Toying with the base notes of trance and pop music, Himera moulds emotional and story-driven soundscapes. Having released their debut LP in 2022 including collaborations with the likes of Petal Supply, Hannah Diamond and Tohji, they present a body of work full of synth-heavy ballads and disorienting pop tunes.