Saturday 21 October
Studios // 20:00 // € 12
AADE x ADEV (after party)
Genre: Electro, techno, electronica
Line up: Cosmic Force, Noise Diva, Jasmin, Black Beach (live), Vergaarbak & Garcon Taupe
Open: 20:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 12 / €10 in presale

Since 2018 Amsterdam Alternative organizes the AADE (Amsterdam Alternative Dance Event). Not an anti ADE initiative but an alternative to the large scale and often commercially programmed ADE events. AADE is small scale, varied, affordable and more experimental.
Like previous years we will kick off the AADE with A Schorem punk night at Cinetol on Thursday. At the OT301 we are organizing 4 nights in a row from Thirsday till Sunday in cooperation with our friends of corecore (Thursday), Ruyzdael (Friday), Rush Hour (Sunday) and like last year we’ll do one of the afters of the ADEV street parade on Saturday. 
We’ll start early so you can come straight after the ADEV parade and some dinner to the party. For this years event we managed to get a great line up together again with a mix of Electro, Techno and other weird Electronics.

This event is a benefit night for AA and ADEV. All profits will be going to both organisations.

Line up:
20:00-22:00: Vergaarbak & Garcon Taupe
22:00-23:00: Black Beach (live)
23:00-00:15: Jasmin
00:15-01:30: Cosmic Force
01:30-03:00: Noise Diva


Cosmic Force
One of the uncompromised legends in the game. Cosmic Force has been around for a while now, but yet has managed to stay unique, raw and true to his nature. He really is one of a kind! Like so many kids of the 80’s, he was influenced by the emergent street culture of New York, especially the Electro Funk Hip-Hop movement. After playing around with synth’s and borrowed turntables, he started his unwavering journey of musical experimentation, buying modular systems and really morphing sounds. Following this he couldn’t help but immerse himself in synthesized music and started his own collection of vintage analogue synths.
Along with his trusty weapon, the 808, Cosmic Force has created his own brand of street tuff Electro with heaps of Vocoder Robot Voices that will make your jaw drop.
Not only a true maestro in the booth, but a one-man spectacle, we can guarantee that you have never seen a show with energy like this before, he simply has the power to electrify crowds with his mind-bending live sets and leave them with a feeling that they had never felt before.
Soundcloud // Insta
Noise Diva
Noise Diva is an Amsterdam-based producer and DJ, Garage Noord resident, and co-founder at KLAB and SALWA foundation. Her musical stylings bridge together a variety of genres, from Moroccan trap to Egyptian R&B, French drill, dancehall, and UK garage, weaving together stories that transcend the dancefloor, while ensuring that dancers stay hot on their toes. The ecstatic flow that she creates in her sets is always unexpected, and yet guaranteed to create intimate connections around the DJ booth.
Insta // Soundcloud

Amsterdam-based Jasmín has been causing an uproar on dancefloors with her eclectic selections ever since she started out. Her Argentinian roots clearly show in her sets, resulting in a push of rippling rhythms, warped bass and lush and rolling club sounds. Her heart is set on alacrity, delving into peak-time machine funk, acid, and dubstep for an intense – and intensely fun time. In the years since, those same instincts have taken Jasmín to far-out places and lead her to a regular slot at one of the world's most renowned institutions: Dekmantel. During her radioshow Petting Dogs on Echobox Radio she shares more experimental sounds and pop alongside her guests. Last summer she released one of her first tracks on the collaborative compilation tape by Dekmantel and Patta, along with a debut on Martyn’s label 3024, and since then has also contributed to the Patterns of Perception x Minimal Collective compilation.
Insta // Soundcloud

Black Beach (live)
Black Beach emerged from the desire to make live alternative electronic dance music. Its three members have a deep passion for music and bring years of experience to the table. Bram Buschman and Cristel Kolopaking played synths and drums in KRAZ. Luuk Meijer can be recognized as the former bass player of JAGD. Coming from a rock and punk background, they approach electronic music differently than what is considered popular. Their current arsenal counts multiple (analog) synths as well as live electronic drums with unique sound design. Their sound is described as ‘movie score music’ in the more spacy parts towards ‘I want to go rave all night’ in their more upbeat songs. Come and experience for yourself what it’s like to be on Black Beach.
Insta // Youtube

Vergaarbak, real name Randy, has been sharing & collecting music from his teen years. Not limited by any genre or borders hence the name. A regular at the former Redlight Radio, Intergalactic FM, Echobox Radio & Operator Radio. From digi dub all the way to field recordings and drone and anything in between. Sharing is caring. 
Vergaarbak Insta // Soundcloud

Garcon Taupe
Garçon Taupe is a producer of electro, acid and electronics, releasing music on labels like Narrominded and Gooiland Elektro / Enfant Terrible. You might have caught him playing live or DJ'ing on Operator Radio, Grauzone or Intergalactic FM Festival. His sets find a balance between grim Westcoast Sound of Holland electro, catchy acid and playful 80s sounds.
Garcon Taupe Insta // Soundcloud