Tuesday 09 June
Bodlabot // 19:30
Tuesday Workshop Series
Style/type: Tuesday Workshop Series
Entrance: E10

Manuela Tessi  “Body and Music 

I am interested in refining articulation in the relationship between movement and musicality. I like to think of movement in terms of what it would sound like if it were music;  how can the ‘dance be heard’ and ‘music be seen’.Through opening up our ability to sense time through the body, we expand our awareness to the environment and the possibility of a heightened listening through body and sound.I will introduce three specific areas of movement research with a focus on how each relates to a different aspect of musicality: the focus will be on movement in relation to: tone (how different tonal intentions can change movement quality) , weight (and its relationship to rhythm), articulation (musical articulation is deepened through attending to how we use pause, as well as the quality of starting and ending a pause). We will look how a deeper understanding of musicality in movement can lead to more clarity  in the tension and emotion in the material we compose.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Register : lunamatisse@yahoo.it

Max 10 people per class  / Cash on arrival  / €10 per day / €15 for two Tuesdays days (if it is with the same teacher in a sequence) . 

This workshop series has been created in response to artists who have requested to have on-going classes based on the role improvisation plays in performance and/or composition studies in a multi disciplinary format. The workshop series is aimed towards all levels of musicians, dancers, actors, singers and performance artist. Workshops are 2 hours, held one time per week on Tuesdays evenings. Some of the workshops are with teacher/artists for one Tuesday. Other workshops are with teacher/artists for two Tuesdays in a row. Read more