OTv301 Live stream performance #3
Sunday 31 May, 19:00 hrs

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many cultural institutions had to shut their doors for visitors, including our beloved place. Since then, unfortunately we can only reach out to our audience through virtual means!
And that is how we began to reinvent ourselves, at least for the time being, and came up with one of our new concepts - the OTv301. Which will be all about the core group of artists that are residing and creating at the building; sharing with you what they do and devoting their processes to the current senses and times, meanwhile try their best to convey all the principles and ideals we’ve always stood firmly for, such as inclusivity, equality, creativity, solidarity to name few...
We invite you to follow each and every new episode of the OTv301 online, whether that would be a DJ set, an aerial performance, an online discussion, drawing workshop or a podcast that would inspire or empower you!
Watch our first live stream during Kingsday here >>>

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No culture without sub-culture.

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Truly Yours,
The OT301 Crew


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Posted 13-03-2020

Public events cancelled due to Corona virus

For safety and health precautions, all our public events are cancelled until April 1st.

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OT301 Public Spaces

Stichting Studio 301

Music, dance, performances

4bid Gallery

Exhibitions, workshops, performances


De Peper

Vegan culture Kitchen



20 years of Art and Autonomy

This book is an archive as well as an attempt to capture a bit of all the energy that has been flowing through the building. 

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Members of the EHBK Community

Peter Rutten

Music producer

Sebastian Olma

Writer, critic

Sjam Sjamsoedin

Electronic music

Monika Stepak - DJ Power vs Power

Therapist, DJ, Aerial Performer, Record label owner