When celebrating ‘20 years of OT301’ in November 2019 we will publish a photo book full of images from concerts, workshops, classes, performances, exhibitions, parties, markets, art etc.
You can help us realizing this book by donating: https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/9274-20-jaar-ot301-fotoboek-1

Call for pictures
Besides financial help we are also looking for great pictures. Your pictures, in or from the OT301. 
If you have some (that you would like to share) then please send them to pr(at)ot301.nl. The best ones will be published in the book.


Vereniging EHBK / OT301
Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email contact 
General Enquiries: ehbk(at)ot301.nl
Press/PR: pr(at)ot301.nl
Residency: otresidency(at)gmail.com

Email contact Public spaces
Studios (Parties): party(at)ot301.nl
Studios (Concerts): concert(at)ot301.nl
Studios (Daytime programming): movementot301(at)live.com
Cinema of the Damd: cinemaofthedamd(at)gmail.com
4Bid Gallery (exhibitions, workshops): 4bidgallery(at)gmail.com
De Peper (vegan culture kitchen): de_peper(at)yahoo.com
AnaMorphic Rehearsal Studio: anamorphicstudio(at)gmail.com

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Posted 03-09-2019

Crowdfunding for photo book - 20 years OT301

Help crowdfund the ‘20 years OT301’ photo book.

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OT301 Public Spaces

Stichting Studio 301

Music, dance, performances

4bid Gallery

Exhibitions, workshops, performances


De Peper

Vegan culture Kitchen



Autonomy by dissent - Autonomie door tegenspraak

This book is dedicated to subculture in Amsterdam, which it aims not only to document, but also to give a future to.

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Members of the EHBK Community


Cartoons, drawings, sculptures

BSE - studio/collective

Live ‘feedback’ noise


Architectural practice

AnaMorphic Studio

Space for low/no-budget theatre makers, dancers, artists...