De Peper really needs donations!
We need around €25.000 to cover the basic costs for this cultural season (rent, maintenance, insurance, etc.). And with another €10.000 we can provide kick-ass programs, even during (partial) lockdowns. Anything extra will help to rebuild our financial buffers. All the money donated will be spent on running De Peper project now, and to sustain it for the future. Every act of kindness counts.
Donate through Go Fund Me

De Peper
De Peper is one of the public spaces in OT301, one of few remaining independent locations for subculture in Amsterdam. Here everyone is welcome to hang out, and enjoy what’s happening today, or propose some plan for another day. The community kitchen is at the heart of De Peper’s politics, where vegan organic food is used as a way to bring people together, nourish the spirit, loosen up tongues, address ethical concerns, inspire the senses, and create shared memories.
The crew is an inclusive volunteer collective that operates democratically, without boss or management. We make things happen because we each have internal motivation to do so. Our diversity makes us stronger. It is a multi-faced playground where pro-active and creative individuals with various aspirations and skills can find a platform for their ambitions, meet like-minded or completely different fellows, and develop themselves. And for many, it is a place of belonging.

De Peper would also like more volunteers!
If you live in/around Amsterdam, have time on your hands, and are looking for a new challenge, join our volunteer crew. We can use cooks, bar tenders, dishwashers, cultural programmers, sound mechanics, curators, event organizers, administrators, promoters, maintenance people, gardeners, bicycle mechanics, performers, security people and more…and any fun-loving people that would like to learn these things. 

If you have a great idea to support us in another way, tell us more!


Vereniging EHBK / OT301
Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email contact 
General Enquiries: ehbk(at)
Press/PR: pr(at)

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Residency: otresidency(at)

Email contact Public spaces
Studios (Parties): party(at)
Studios (Concerts): concert(at)
Studios (Daytime programming): movementot301(at)
Cinema of the Damd: cinemaofthedamd(at)
4Bid Gallery (exhibitions, workshops): 4bidgallery(at)
De Peper (vegan culture kitchen): de_peper(at)
AnaMorphic Rehearsal Studio: anamorphicstudio(at)


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Posted 26-08-2021

Supernova cinema - crowdfunding

Support the crowdfunding for Supernova Cinema, the new safer space cinema in Amsterdam, founded by the team behind the International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, currently celebrating its 6th annual edition. The space is charachterized by an alternative and inclusive programming, showcasing indie films, debates and workshops focused on intersectionality, new perspectives, queer topics, migration, diversity & identity. Supernova offers a platform for emerging filmmakers, orchestrating exchanges with international artists and festivals, as well as working on the basis of artivism – activism through art. You can find the cinema in OT301 on the second floor.

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20 years of Art and Autonomy

This book is an archive as well as an attempt to capture a bit of all the energy that has been flowing through the building. 

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Cartoons, drawings, sculptures

BSE - studio/collective

Live ‘feedback’ noise

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