Saturday 04 December
Gallery // 15:00 // € 4
Cold in Church Release 1983
Genre: Music
Open: 15:00 - 16:45 hrs
Tickets: € 4

Cold in Church Release 1983

4bid gallery at 15:00h

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1983 808's out-of-stock.
1983. Britney is 1.
1983. The Ross - not from Friends - but Diana, circa Silk Electric, wants "MU-SCLES... all over his body".
1983. Jimi Hendrix elopes w electric guitar. Underwater. God hands in his notice.
1983, Van Halen sets fire to amp during solo that should never have been authorized.
1983, aren't we still living this fantasy?

2021. Cold in Church release second single/music-video, genuflecting before time prostrate. On this day in 4bid, OT301, the band plays a live set. Reserve your tickets as spaces are unfortunately very limited.
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PS: When visiting OT301, please park your bikes on the other side of the street, mind our neighbours, when smoking keep the volume to a minimum, Thanks!