Wednesday 13 October
Studios // 18:00 // € 10
ADE: New York Transit
Genre: House, hiphop, acid, Soul
Line up: Th'Acquisition, Phil Peoples, Peter Groovin, Charlton, Lucas Benjamin, Kofi the Unknown
Open: 18:00 - 23:55 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / We still have some tickets at the door!

New York Transit residents Th'Acquisition, Phil Peoples, Peter Groovin alongside guests Tapirus aka Charlton, Lucas Benjamin and Kofi the Unknown mix the best underground house, hip hop and disco for an evening of pure musical pleasure.
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Tapirus aka Charlton
Coming from the Dutch city of Rotterdam, Charlton (also known as Tapirus) has been releasing various styles of techno and electro for 15 years!
After living for long stretches in London and Berlin, he is currently settled in Rotterdam working on various music & community projects with the local scene. With a strong connection to his home city, its obvious how the city and its music history of hardcore and techno has shaped one aspect of his sound. He was of course also influenced by his time in London and connecting with Surface Records head Nick Dunton and the renowned Sandwell District / Blueprint waves of UK techno!
Touring for many years, Charlton reached as far as Medellin, Melbourne, Taipei, New York, Moscow + more. Known for releases on MORD, M_REC, Krill Music, Tar Hallow, and Planet Rhythm. He also Co-runs the label ‘POVERTY IS VIOLENCE’ with Nick Dunton.
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Peter Groovin
Graphic designer by day, DJ by night. In both these areas, music is Peter’s biggest source of inspiration. Love for the groove got him his pseudonym Peter Groovin, no matter the genre. His sets can be described as a blend of disco, boogie, house, afro, tropical, funk, rare groove, and beyond, all connected by the groove.
With the rise of the internet, the mp3-player and the introduction of software like iTunes, Peter’s interest in music was fuelled from all sides. Being a teenage boy his ever ongoing musical journey went from hiphop, to triphop and turntablism into more abstract genres like jazz and idm and so on. Later in life, when introduced to the Rotterdam nightlife, his interest in disco, house and related dance music was growing evermore. However still enjoying abstract and deep music, it was the simplicity, warmth, rhythm and soulfulness in black dance music that really touched him and opened a new world.
In the last couple of years he played at events alongside names as Antal, The Black Madonna, Jamie 3:26, Esa, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Sassy J, Mafalda, Dane, Philou Louzolo and many other inspiring artists. 
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Phil Peoples
The talent of Philip Powel, aka dj Phil Peoples, doesn’t go unnoticed. Rotterdam’s tastemaker started working in the music- and cultural scene directly after his studies. Working for many years as programmer for VPRO and Ace-Agency and organizing literary festival CrimeJazz and international hiphop-filmfestival Black Soil, he knows the scene from inside out. Or even better, from behind the scene and in the spotlight. As a programmer for Nighttown and Watt, Phil found the newest artist and freshest talents to have them perform in Rotterdam.  Besides that, Phil is a well-known dj in mostly Rotterdam and Amsterdam.  Also, like that wasn’t enough for him, he even started his own jazzclub in the centre of Rotterdam, called BIRD. Today he is the creative director and dj-resident at several clubnights at BIRD. Here he can, next to his friends, play his favourite vinyl records – from seventies funk and soul ‘till Detroit house. His eclectic style turned out to be the perfect mix between originality, diversity and his ability to – spot on – feel what the audience love to hear. And not just any audience. Phil Peoples turned at clubs and festivals such as Jimmy Woo, Paradiso, Bitterzoet, Lowlands and North Sea Jazz Festival.

Jurgen Bouman aka Th’acquisition
DJ and Producer Jurgen Bouman is something of an anomaly in music. A humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields. He combines a steadfast work ethic, and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his roots (Funk, Soul and Jazz), foundation (Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass) and future (Electronic/Dance music) with no restraints. From drum patterns to lush full key chords, Jurgen Bouman provides it all. As a DJ he brings his 'spunkyness' to the table in true Rotterdam Style, playing Soulful House to Broken Beats
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Lucas Benjamin
Lucas’ first encounters with music started at an early age. As the son of a DJ and musician he was automatically nourished with a broad selection of sounds. Although his true passion for music evolved when he started b-boying (breakdancing) at the age of twelve. Unifying his mind, body and soul with tribal drum breaks, powerful funky horn sections and soulful vocals made him experience the true essence of jazz, soul and funk. Besides being a dancer he always had a great interest in music and its history. And so he spent hours and hours in record-stores, educating himself by analysing numerous lp’s and cd’s. His musical journey is a never-ending, continuous quest that has been taking him deep into African/Brazilian music but also explores the latest electronic experiments.
This combination of dancing and DJ-ing continued for a couple of years until there was a breaking point in 2011 where he got a serious injury. Lucas decided to fully focus on DJ-ing. He quickly conquered the dance-scene and played at all the major events like Juste Debout, IBE and Summer Dance Forever. Besides dance battles Lucas started playing at all kinds of parties, festivals, radio and theatre shows.
Lucas is also heavily involved in renowned concepts as Wicked Jazz Sounds, More Bounce, Ghetto Funk Collective, Wicked Wax and Steppin' Into Tomorrow.
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Kofi the Unknown
Rooted in Hip Hop and Funk, Kofi mostly draws inspiration from World grooves. From the heavy syncopated Afro Cuban Guanguanco to the chants of Aborigine Indigenous from all over the world. Kofi creates a mixture of electronic and percussive music to explore the universality that music holds…
As a producer Kofi creates different grooves from a syncopated and polyrhythmic viewpoint. The goal is to express self without being restricted to a grid or genre. A pile being driven into the ground or the pounding of maize could be a potential startpoint for an rhythmic idea.
Kofi also spins on a regular base. His sounds are described as uptempo dancefloor tunes with a heavy emphasis on groove and rhythmic structures. From four on the floor to broken beat riddims rhythm is the driving force behind every set. The passion Kofi has for sharing the music by artists which inspire him, is translated back into his sets and selection.
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