Sunday 17 October
Studios // 18:00 // € 6
Genre: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Line up: DJ Power vs Power, DJ Shug La Sheedah, DJ Yke, DJ Yorobi, DJ Adi-J
Open: 18:00 - 23:55 hrs
Tickets: € 6

Online radio station based in Amsterdam Oud West in @ot301adam.
A balanced platform of contemporary culture, music, art, and politics.

18:00-19:15h DJ Power vs Power 
19:15-20:20h DJ Shug La Sheedah
20:20-21:25h DJ Yke 
21:25-22:30h DJ Yorobi
22:30-23:35h DJ Adi-J

Visuals by: Mirko Lazović 
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18:00-19:15h DJ Power vs Power 
Monika Stepak (aka Djpowervspower) an OT301 resident, has been involved with independent radio stations and underground  culture.
Founder of Power Vs Power records. 
Often plays various mixed sets ranging from industrial experimental to engaging and stimulating bass sounds. 
Active as a stage performer and stretching her DJ touch through multidisciplinary art and creative collaboration with others. 
She has performed across Europe and the Netherlands at various festivals and events. And is a well-known organiser of electronic music nights and multi-disciplinary art performances.
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19:15-20:20h DJ Shug La Sheedah
DJ Shug La Sheedah is an all-round DJ with her musical roots in HipHop & Caribbean. She is creative, crazy, passionate and skilled when it comes to art. With her passion she wants to tell the crowd that you have to enjoy the moment. She has been part of the club scene, festivals and is known for her energy. Besides being a DJ she is already a creative producer for theaters and cultural projects. As an established name, she wants to develop further in passing on the passion for playing and organizing parties to the next generation.
Shug: ”I'm an out-of-the-box DJ, I spin what I like to hear, but most importantly, I spin what sets the mood for the party."
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20:20-21:25h DJ Yke 
An original Amsterdamer,  entertains The Amsterdam underground scene for many years. 
She is a part of the Chronic Soundsystem and play saxophone at Fajadja band . 
This Friday DJ Yke with ,,Vinyl only,, Drum n bass/ Jungle old school set. 
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21:25-22:30h DJ Yorobi
Amsterdam based veteran Yorobi (Repertoire/Parallax Recordings/Exit/ Disc World/ Pollination)with over 20 years running, traverses various genres and era’s. Playing throughout the EU, as well as on & Echobox.Radio, Yorobi connects the dots between jungle(tekno), juke, half-time, breaks, UK hardcore, rave, drum and bass, slowfast and more. Expect evocative high octane sets. 
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22:30-23:35h DJ Adi-J (Drum and bass)
Israeli native Adi-J is one of the leading DJs in the Dutch drum & bass scene. Based in Amsterdam, the Cheeky Monday resident has performed at legendary events and venues around the world, including Sun and Bass Festival in Sardinia, Innovation in Spain and Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands. She currently hosts 50 Shades of Drum & Bass, a monthly show on PRSPCT Radio dedicated to the past, present and future sounds of a scene she’s been championing for over 20 years.
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