Thursday 14 October
Studios // 17:00 // € 5
ADE: Dubworks
Genre: Dub, Reggae
Line up: Earth Works, Rapha Pico, Kingsway, Thunder of Jah Army, Jah Works, DJ Ewa, Lyrical Benjie, The Noble Chanters, Zen Social
Open: 17:00 - 23:55 hrs
Tickets: € 5

Dubworks event is Dub Reggae showcase celebrating & promoting the foundations of Soundsystem culture. 
Earth Works Studio & Zen Social presents a high grade selection of producers & artists from the Amsterdub scene. Hosted by Majestic Bee & including showcase sets by singers Rapha Pico, Daddy Teacha + other special guests with selectas Kingsway, Thunder Of Jah Army & DJ Ewa & featuring exclusive music by Jah Works, The Noble Chanters & the Earth Works crew.

Earth Works 
Earth Works is a Studio based in Amsterdam since 2013. It offers Artists development and music services to independent artists & labels from the Netherlands and many other countries around the world. The studio has its own in-house vinyl cutting machine & hand-crafts records & merchandise for the artists/labels it collaborates with.
Bandcamp // Website // Insta

Rapha Pico 
Rapha Pico is someone who is always pushing his boundaries, seeking to provide the best of the best, and continuously moving forward to upgrade his work. Using his own ambition and determination to tell a story through his spiritual and conscious lyrics and roots reggae music, Rapha is truly ‘a lion telling a story’. This new chapter of Rapha’s story explores the concept of the glory of the ancestors, as well as the African continent.
Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Youtube 

Kingsway (the man behind Earth Works), below can find the two sessions he had for OTR:
Ben King is the studio manager & engineer at Earth Works in Amsterdam. The studio helps create & distribute music & works in collaboration with music labels and Artists from the Netherlands & around the world.
Youtube // Youtube 2

Thunder of Jah Army
Truth & Rights Militant Sound System.
Bandcamp // Insta

Jah Works
Jah Works (AKA Dominic Forte/Jah Rej) has been making Roots, Reggae & Dub music since 1989.

DJ Ewa
Soundcloud // Insta

Lyrical Benjie

The Noble Chanters

Zen Social
ZenSocial provides a platform for musicians, dj’s, & other performers with the mission of spreading positive vibrations through performance art.