Friday 26 February
Studios // 16:30 // € 0
OTR - Streaming radio
Genre: Streaming radio show
Line up: DJ Power vs Power, Sjamsoedin, No28
Open: 16:30 - 20:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

OTR#20 special: “The beast goes on”! 
This week we present a new arrangement for our radio show, with a unique multi-media installation and performance, in collaboration with resident artists of OT301.
Expect dance, arial improvisation, analogue and digital visuals alongside an eclectic selection of sounds from our in-house DJs.
We invite you to this multilevel and multilegged-beast of a live performance, which will be streamed for you all from OT301 studioz at OTradio on February 26th. 

The show will consist of 3 sets of 1h  each.
16:30 hrs: DJ Power Vs Power 
17:40 hrs:  Sjamsoedin
18:50 hrs:  No 28

Together apart we keep in touch.

Line up:

Amsterdam Based Sjamsoedin has been around the electronic music scene for 20 years. He started producing with his first sampler in 1999 and has been experimenting with electronic instruments ever since. He has toured the world and released a multitude with several bands and projects, as a producer, dj or performer.
 Around 2013 he started to build his own modular synth, which played a big part in sculpting the current Sjamsoedin sound, which ranges from dark electro and moody house to rave beats and rattling techno.
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Pierre Mollet aka  No28
Joined OT301 in 2008, has been involved with the studioz 301 for all these past years. Learning, practicing and working out the stage light system as technician for performances,
concerts and dj nights. DJ No28 starts DJ’ing more than 15 years ago, and the first gigs more than 10 years ago from rave parties, squats, clubs, festivals and of course 301 included.
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DJ Power vs Power
Monika Stepak (aka Djpowervspower) is an OT301 resident. She has been involved with independent radio stations and underground culture since 1995. Active as a stage performer and stretching her DJ touch through multidisciplinary art festivals & events in Europe.
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Irina Vainio // Manuela Lucia Tessi // Maria Mavridou // Mirko Lazović // Andreia Bessa // Thalia Laric // Monika Stepak

Maria Mavridou 
Maria is a dancer & performer based in Amsterdam.
She works internationally in collaboration with artists from the fields or dance, performance, theatre, music, film and visual arts.
Website // Facebook

Manuela Lucia Tessi
Manuela is a dance artist whose speciality is movement research and composition as it relates to music. Originally from Italy, she has spent the last 20 years in the Netherlands , and most recently she started working more regularly in Berlin and Cape Town where she co curates platforms that foster the interdisciplinary collaboration of music and dance in performance.
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Irina Vainio
Irina  is dancer and choreographer combining different mediums into performance. Her background in visual art and traditional printmaking informs her creative practice, 
through which she playfully experiments independently as well as collaboratively. She runs the 4bid gallery in OT301 and is currently completing a research masters in performance practices at ArtEZ university of the arts.
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Thalia Laric
Thalia Laric is a dance artist from South Africa. Her interests include real-time composition, interdisciplinary performance, contact improvisation and dance for young audiences. 
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Mirko Lazović
Mirko Lazović (1979, Belgrade) graduated at the University of Arts in Belgrade and Royal Academy in The Hague, got his MA from the Royal Conservatory in the Hague (2008). His installations place strong thematic emphasis on presence, interactivity, and compositional aspects of time. Light, water, electricity and sound are his working materials. Based in the Netherlands, Lazović’s wide-reaching practice includes solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, from relevant cultural venues to obscure and abandoned locations.
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Andreia Bessa
Andreia is a human rights educator and a participatory arts practitioner, who wants to contribute to humanising humanity!
She is connected to CAAT Projects and HoP, which also means being part of the OT301.
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